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Cancer Fitness Institute
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The Cancer Fitness Institute

The mission of the Cancer Fitness Institute is to develop, provide and support opportunities for quality cancer-specific exercise programs to patients and survivors in a healthy and positive community environment

The Cancer Fitness Institute has been providing exercise programs to cancer survivors for over 13 years, helping over 1,600 cancer survivors regain strength and confidence through exercise.  Our focus is on providing a program that is “health” rather than “hospital” oriented, to give our participants the opportunity to exercise in their own community and to incorporate exercise as a lifelong habit.  The three month CancerFit® exercise program is open to adults of all ages and fitness levels. Participants are both men and women who have survived every type of cancer.   Exercise physiologists with a cancer specialty oversee all aspects of the exercise regimen, which aids in recovery and general fitness during and after treatment. The fitness program includes flexibility, balance, cardiovascular and strength training. The program is currently offered through  eight recreation facilities across Colorado, with one location in Minnesota.

The Cancer Fitness Institute has created a “train the trainer” program, offering education to exercise physiologists and other fitness professionals on our CancerFit® program. Our goal is two-fold: create a small army of exercise professionals specifically trained to work with cancer survivors, and see the CancerFit® program implemented in every community across the nation.  
The Cancer Fitness Institute's Training Course is a complete turn-key program. Participants leave with the knowledge, experience, and related paperwork to bring the CancerFit® to their own recreation center or other organization. For more information about how exercise benefits cancer survivors, please click here. For a list of current facilities offering the CancerFit® Program, click here.

The Cancer Fitness Institute is designed for exercise physiologists and/or related professionals desiring to implement and successfully operate a CancerFit® Exercise Program for adult cancer survivors.  Course provides:

  • Instruction in basic knowledge of cancer, related terms, and treatment methods
  • Outline of common side effects and related concerns, cautions, and possible limitations
  • Evidence-based approach to the benefits of exercise and healthy lifestyle habits for survivors
  • Evaluation, Assessment, and Operational tools for cancer exercise programming
  • Case Studies with realistic scenarios to teach methods of incorporating best practices
  • Emphasis on foundational exercise principles

This course defines a growing population and their needs within the exercise science field.  Course includes guidance in developing technical skills and methods that can assist in creating a sustainable cancer exercise program.  This includes:

  • The basic skills and knowledge required to create a safe, sound, and effective CancerFit® program for increasing cancer survivorship
  • Current guidelines for assessment and comprehensive management of the multi-dimensional needs of cancer survivors
  • Practical experience in exercise testing and program development
  • Inclusion in the Cancer Fitness Institute’s network of support and guidance

Program Structure Updates!

As professionals working with a unique population, we feel it is important to stay on top of current concepts and training tools. We also recognize there is value in using a variety in training methods to accomplish the goal of increased health and quality of life. Participants will also learn the following components to incorporate into their class sessions:

o Updated Warm-up and Cool-down Formats (CFit® Prep and CFit® Flex). Use these routines to start and end each class session.

o CFit® Strength- Focus on building muscular strength and endurance in complimentary muscle groups, work to provide whole body strength gains with focus on areas of limitation.

o CFit® Cardio- Focus on building cardiovascular endurance.

o CFit® Pump- Focus on alternating intervals between Cardio and Strength exercises.

o CFit® Function- Focus on functional exercise patterns. Define ADL the movements aim to enhance daily activities.

o CFit® Calm- Focus on mind/body relaxation and restoration sessions. Emphasize core control, body awareness, and elongation/extension of the spine and limbs (guide for basic yoga routine and variety of advancements available)

o CFit® Core- Focus on Balance and Core strength.

Participants will:

  • Understand diagnosis, treatment and recovery methods available during Cancer care
  • Determine functional limitations of individual clients due surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or other post-treatment
  • Based on history, intake methods, and physical assessment, prescribe appropriate goals, measures, and exercise routines to support an overall improved quality of life for the individual
  • Have knowledge of applied programming principles to develop a community based fitness program for cancer survivors

The Cancer Fitness Institute training program includes the training/reference manual and all related CancerFit® paperwork, CEC's/CEU's, certificate of completion and lunch both days. The class size is limited to 10. 

The Cancer Fitness Institute has been approved by the American Council on Exercise for 1.0 CEC's and the Colorado Professional Certification Board has approved this training for 1.3 CEU's. Contact the CPRA Office with any questions at 303-231-0943 or ashleyp@cpra-web.org.

Click here to be added to the future training email list. The next training will be held in early 2018.