CPRA Overview
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Our Vision and Mission

CPRA is a dynamic, proactive organization that creates healthy residents and livable communities by promoting excellence in parks and recreation. Our mission is to promote the Parks and Recreation profession and its growth throughout the State of Colorado.

CPRA’s History
CPRA was established in 1951 as a 501c4 trade association for Parks and Recreation professionals in Colorado. In 2015, CPRA became a 501c3 charitable nonprofit providing the Association with more tools and resources to better serve its members. CPRA has offered continuing education, professional networking, and resources for Parks & Recreation professionals since its establishment. 


Articles of Incorporation

CPRA Articles of Incorporation (Amended & Restated – 2014)

CPRA Bylaws 

CPRA Bylaws  (Amended & Restated – 2014)

CPRA Bylaws (Updated 2019) 


CPRA Manual of Procedures

Manual of Procedures

CPRA Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan