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Dear Partner in the management and conservation of Colorado’s outdoor resources:

As a member of the Colorado Outdoor Partnership (CO-OP), I am asking you to join Colorado Parks & Recreation Association, in adopting the Colorado Outdoor Principles.

Colorado’s unique beauty, public lands, water and wildlife are among its most valuable treasures. Combined, these natural attractions make Colorado a top destination to live and recreate. Yet, the wildlife and other natural resources we all cherish exist today only because of a long history of thoughtful conservation and dedicated funding.   

Colorado's population and recreation industry are rapidly growing, while the amount of available land for recreation and habitat to support wildlife is finite. Along with concerns such as urban sprawl and habitat loss, greater demands are being placed on our natural resources. As threats to wildlife and the cost and complexities of resource management increase, the Colorado Outdoor Partnership (CO-OP) is encouraging our partners across the state to collaborate in finding new and innovative ways to safeguard Colorado’s outdoor heritage.   

Thus I am hoping you will sign on as an advocate for the Colorado Outdoor Principles which  provides a framework for advancing outdoor recreation, while seeking broad-based support for wildlife and public-land conservation.

Colorado’s Outdoor Principles are our code of ethics, guiding us as we strive to meet increasing challenges. They advance a shared stewardship ethic by promoting both recreational enjoyment and thoughtful conservation of Colorado’s special places.

The time is now to ensure the future of Colorado’s outdoor heritage. By adopting the Outdoor Principles we stand together in recognizing the value of Colorado’s outdoors as well as the need to collaborate in ensuring the Colorado we know and love today is here for future generations.

For more information or questions on how your organization can be recognized for adopting these principles, please contact me or CPW’s Statewide Partnership Coordinator, Dan Zimmerer, at