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CEU Request Form

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CEU Format:

(contact hours include breaks and lunch)

CEU Credit

Format- must include
the following:

1 hour, 15 minutes


15 minutes for  intro, Q & A

2 hours, 30 minutes


15 minutes for intro, Q & A

3 hours, 30 minutes


15 minutes for intro, Q & A;
15 minutes for break

4 hours, 45 minutes


15 minutes for intro, Q & A;
30 minutes for breaks/lunch

6 hours


15 minutes for intro, Q & A
45 minutes for breaks/lunch

7 hours


15 minutes for intro, Q & A 
45 minutes for breaks/lunch

8 hours, 15 minutes


15 minutes for intro, Q & A
60 minutes for breaks/lunch

Learning Outcomes:

Each session must have clear and concise written statements of intended learning outcomes. When writing learning outcomes, verbs that are not observable and measurable cannot be used.

Suggested verbs for writing learning outcomes include: count, define, describe, identify, list, name, outline, quote, read, recall, recognize, reproduce, state, write, discuss, give, estimate, examples, predict, summarize

Example: Participants will 1) give examples of concrete programs that have been successful throughout the country; 2) examine the impact of substance abuse on the parks and recreation field and the community; and 3) discuss ways to improve the awareness of liability related to the participants and facilities.

Do not use: know, understand, appreciate, enhance, grasp, improve, learn


Please don’t hesitate to contact CPRA Office at 303-231-0943 or cpra@cpra-web.org.