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CPRA Awards Program

Award Winning Strategies!

What will set your Award Nomination apart from the rest?  Here are some tips to follow as you prepare to submit your nominations this year:

Start NOW

Don't put it off until 'tomorrow'... start TODAY! 

Review the Award Categories, then evaluate your programs, initiatives, innovations, community champions and your staff to select your best of the best. Print a copy of each application and begin collecting the information you'll need to fill out a complete application.  Leave yourself plenty of time to read over your information, have someone else read over your information, and then read over it yourself, one more time!  Remember, your application will be scored on the completeness of the application, as well as how creative and thorough you are in your responses. 

Review all criteria and required supplemental information

The award categories, entry criteria, and submittal requirements have changed this year so it is important to read each award category carefully.  Each application lists required supplemental information - use this as your checklist to ensure you have everything you need to complete your application.   Don't forget, an incomplete application will not be considered.

Each nomination must include:

  • Completed nomination application
  • Required supplemental information, as outlined within each award nomination application form

Please be sure you can access our upload site,
Please use the following information to log in:
Password: CPRAawards2013!

Keep it simple and focus on the narrative description

The Awards Committee doesn't work along side you, so your narrative should give them a very clear picture of your nomination, just as if they did!  Focus on what makes the nominee/program/innovation unique, how it has benefited your community or agency, how the nominee/program/innovation raises the bar for the profession and for your agency.  Resist the temptation to overwrite - keep it simple, clear and interesting to read.

Review, Review, and Review Again

Have someone who has no knowledge of the nominee/program/innovation review your narrative before you submit it online.  Review for clarity, grammar and spelling.  Do not underestimate the value of a well written narrative!


Review the award categories and criteria, print the applications, then begin collecting information.  Allow time to locate photos and supplemental information.  Allow time to ensure you are able to upload photos and other supplemental information to our secure ftp site.  Did we mention to leave yourself time to review your application? 

Keep a copy of your nomination form

You will receive a confirmation email, including all completed information, once your application has been submitted.  Keep a copy of your confirmation email, as well as all supplemental information, as none of the materials you submit will be returned to you. 

Choose your agency contact well

Select one person in your agency to be the 'gatekeeper' of all emails, etc. regarding your awards nomination(s).  Your designated agency contact will receive detailed information regarding award status and the Awards Banquet.


Contact the CPRA office at 303.231.0943 or

CPRA Office

Mailing Address:

POB 1037
Wheat Ridge, CO  80034
Fax:  303.237.9750

Physical Address:

Richards Hart Estate
5349 W 27th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO  80214
*All deliveries must be made to the north door at 28th & Benton St


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