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Summit Cancer Solutions becomes the Cancer Fitness Institute 


The Cancer Fitness Institute, formerly known as Summit Cancer Solutions, is an organization that provided exercise programs directly to cancer survivors for over twelve years and helped over 1,400 cancer survivors. The mission of the Cancer Fitness Institute is to develop, provide, and support opportunities for quality cancer-specific exercise programs to patients and survivors in a healthy and positive environment.  In January 2011, we changed our focus from working directly with cancer survivors to providing training on our cancer exercise program to qualified fitness professionals. This transition enabled the Cancer Fitness Institute to broaden its impact by creating a small army of cancer-trained exercise professionals. Cancer survivors across Colorado, and beyond, will have access to exercise programs tailored to their needs in their communities!

Recreation centers and other facilities across Colorado and Minnesota now offer our trademarked CancerFit program to cancer survivors 

How does exercise benefit a cancer survivor?

More and more research is proving that exercise can help cancer patients. Woman holding a water bottle after exercise

  • exercise improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength
  • exercise reduces fatigue
  • exercise improves ability to perform day-to-day duties
  • exercise enhances mood and reduces anxiety
  • exercise help recondition lymph systems compromised by surgery or radiation
  • exercise reduces pain and nausea
  • exercise refocuses energy from illness to wellness

"We're seeing better everyday function and overall higher quality of life for cancer survivors who exercise," Kathryn Schmitz, Ph.D., American College of Sports Medicine.

Organizations of Support  

We extend our deepest thanks to these organizations that have generously supported our program: 

Special Thanks:
The Thomas H. Maren Foundation

Supporting Organizations:
American Cycling Association
Applewood Plumbing, Heating, and Electric
Cancer League of Colorado
Colorado Compassion Initiative/JVA Consulting
Colorado Parks and Recreation Association
Kaiser Permanente Foundation
Team Summit Cancer
Step Up for Cancer
Denver Metropolitan Affiliate of Susan G. Komen for the Cure
The Bank of Denver
The Hornbostel Family
University of Colorado at Denver Health Sciences Center
Wells Fargo Community Grants Program

We are also grateful to the many individuals who make donations and keep our program serving others!

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