Colorado Parks and Recreation Association
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Meet the CPRA Foundation Board

The board consists of nine (9) directors: 3 CPRA directors (members of CPRA), 3 Independent directors (commercial members or like minded individuals who are not necessarily park and recreation professionals), and 3 Cancer Fitness Institute directors (supporters of CFI who understand the connection between health wellness and parks & recreation).  The directors serve 3 year staggered terms.

The CPRA Foundation Board directors are volunteer leaders  that are responsible for the direction of the organization and the profession it represents.  The board acts and thinks strategically, setting goals and strategies for the future, focusing on the mission and vision.


Our directors and staff:

CPRA Foundation Board

Name Position
John Barnholt Chair, Independent Director
Eric Crennen Treasurer, Cancer Fitness Institute Director
Amber Garrett Secretary, CPRA Director
Allison Boyd CPRA Director
Shannon Fern Independent Director
Mary Colton CPRA Director
Janet Johnson Cancer Fitness Institute Director
Patrick Hammer Independent Director 
Therese Thompson Cancer Fitness Institute Director
Cathy Metz President, CPRA
Stephanie Stephens Executive Director, CPRA


CPRA Office

Mailing Address:

POB 1037
Wheat Ridge, CO  80034
Fax:  303.237.9750

Physical Address:

Richards Hart Estate
5349 W 27th Ave
Wheat Ridge, CO  80214
*All deliveries must be made to the north door at 28th & Benton St


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